Countdown to Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day 2019

The Dreamers Dream
by Tim Smith

To all my friends who wonder if it's okay to dream!

One of the positive things about having Moebius syndrome is that I have very vivid realistic dreams. it's like watching a movie play out in my head. Sounds and effects included. Only difference is: I'm in the movie.

Most of the ideas for the fiction stories I have written over the years come from my dreams. I also have serious dreams revealing things about my past, present, and my future. I dream about things my sub conscious mind picks up on that my conscious mind does not. My hopes, fears, and anxieties, to name a few.

In my early teens I dreamed about getting my first car. I couldn’t wait for the dream to come true. A year before I turned 16 I got a job watering plants and made a whopping $2.05 an hour to save up for it. I brought a 1968 American Motors Rebel. The floor boards were completely rusted out and you could see the road passing by when you looked down. It shook and rattled like it was going to fly apart when you surpassed 35 mph. To me it was the best car in the world. It was my dream come true.

Later, when I was an adult I dreamed about owning a boat. I would dream about my friends and I going out on the water, catching a few fish, drinking a few beers, and having a great time. It took a while, but a friend of mine and I put our money together and brought a boat. It wasn't a big boat and it would only seat five people comfortably... But it was ours. We had the times of our lives in it!

As a young adult I dreamed about meeting a beautiful blonde named Daphne who would change my life forever. I was determined not to settle for anyone else until she came along. It took a couple of decades, but I finally met her. She was everything I dreamed of and more. I loved her with all my heart. Things didn’t go quite like I thought they would, but she set me off on a great adventure. One where I’ve been able to help some people and make a positive difference. She changed the course of my life in a very positive way.

There are some dreams I’ve had about my future which I know will never come true. I've dreamed about becoming the President of the United States. I'm not smart enough! Honest answer! I've also dreamed about becoming a singer. To those of you who have heard me sing you know why it will never happen. To the rest of you trust me you don't want to hear me sing.

Not all dreams are meant to come true, but it never hurts to dream! Dreams are where ideas begin. There have been many famous people in history who have started their legacy with a dream. Mary Shelly wrote the book Frankenstein based on nightmares she had from hearing folklore of the monster. Martin Luther King had a dream about equality for all mankind. John F Kennedy had a dream that man would travel to the moon in ten years in an age where computers were still mostly found in science fiction stories. Bill Gates had a dream about building a computer and the dream became the Microsoft Corporation.

Dreams can come true. I am the dreamer and my dream of hope for you is that you will never stop dreaming. Always chase those dreams no matter how farfetched they seem. Make them come alive and keep them alive. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what limitations you think you might have. Don't sit on the sidelines and let time and life pass you by. If I can make my dreams come true, then you can too.

Become the next Martin Luther King, Mary Shelly, or John F Kennedy! I believe in you. I have faith in you. Show people that you believe in yourself and they will soon believe in you also. Make those dreams come true.